Terry Neyer

Brian and I have been friends and associates since 1982. One of the first times we met I commissioned him to manufacture and finish a fore end and butt stock for a Winchester model 12 duck gun with #12-3 factory engraving and Winchester Special Ventilated Rib. When I purchased the shotgun it had non original wood. The gun deserved to be put back to its original appearance and that is precisely what Brian did. When he returned my shotgun I couldn't tell the wood fit and finish was not original. I subsequently sold the shotgun along with before and after photos.

Through the years I have wondered how he made the finish look so positively factory original on many different makes and models. Now I know an important part of his guarded secret and it's called TimberLuxe.  I may not be capable of shaping blocks of wood into gun stocks or checkering flawlessly but now I can apply a finish exactly like the wood master Brian Board.
I used TimberLuxe on a Winchester 1890 butt stock recently that I purchased for my personal collection. The dull and lifeless wood finish was completely transformed with two hand applied coats of TimberLuxe. Now the little WRF has a stock finish that matches its overall appearance and condition.
Thirty plus years involved in the collectible firearm trade has taught me to recognize original metal and wood finishes. TimberLuxe will produce a factory original appearance on almost any prewar collectible.
Terry Neyer
Regional Acquisition Manager (retired)
Cabela's Gun Library
Brian Board