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TimberLuxe™ is a waterproof finish that can be used to replicate, restore, or repair virtually all stock finishes for collectable sporting arms from the Civil War to World War II. Applied to antique furniture, TimberLuxe™ will bring back the luster it once had while preserving the vintage look. 

This finish brings the wood’s internal beauty to the surface by directing light into the wood thereby adding three-dimensional depth.

Application is with 1870s technology—your fingertips. The result is old world results with old world technology. Enjoy using TimberLuxe™ to replicate, restore, and repair all your antique wood surfaces.

Give new life to old antiques.


Jim Carmichel's restocked M21

JIMS M21 IP 8374 ret1 12X8.jpg

"If TimberLuxe had been available twenty years ago I would never have given up trying to refinish gunstocks."

— Jim Carmichel

Heirloom Duck Calls

Timberluxe is now proud to offer hand turned, hand tuned, and hand checkered duck calls. Available in single or double reed with 28 line per inch checkering. We use figured walnut and exotic hardwoods. Inserts can be one piece or sleeved with cocobolo, African blackwood, or acrylic.  

Each call comes in a walnut display box. Also included are a microfiber bag to protect the call while hunting, extra reeds, cork, and Timberluxe finish for touch ups.  

"A hobby that got away from me..."

Brian Board's introduction to guns came early in life but his fascination with them began during his seventh grade in school. He accompanied a cousin on a quail hunting trip and after that experience he knew he wanted to know more about how guns worked and how to make them.

Growing up on a dairy farm in rural Missouri with little time left for school activities or sports, he spent his evenings learning about guns. After reading Jim Carmichel's book "Do It Yourself Gunsmithing" he bought a set of checkering tools and started teaching himself how to checker and restock guns, beginning by checkering flat pieces of wood and recheckering existing stocks.

Around 1982 Brian began to go to gunshows developing an interest in Winchesters and the American doubles which led to a full time stock making profession by 1988. He describes his self-taught work as "a hobby that got away from me". His business has evolved to stock restoration of vintage collectable guns both restoring original stocks and creating new stocks that are historically correct.