TimberLuxe™ is a waterproof finish that can be used to replicate, restore, or repair virtually all stock finishes for collectable sporting arms from the Civil War to World War II. Applied to antique furniture, TimberLuxe™ will bring back the luster it once had while preserving the vintage look.

Shake container to ensure that TimberLuxe™ is thoroughly mixed for optimal results.

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Replicate: Finishing New wood with TimberLuxe™

In steps 1 and 2 the goal is to work TimberLuxe™ into the surface and saturate the wood. Saturation can be achieved by step 1a or 1b.

1a. Wood with small pores can be filled by applying TimberLuxe™ into the surface leveling the pores with the surface of the wood.

1b. Wood with larger pores is filled by applying TimberLuxe™ with fingertips, then sanding in with 320 or 400 wet/dry 3M™ sandpaper.

  • Sand with the grain or follow the lines of the wood on figured wood.
  • Rub in residue to fill the pores, leveling it with surface of the wood.
  • Remove excess residue of wood dust and TimberLuxe™ from surface of the wood with paper towel.

Wait 24 hours for TimberLuxe™ to dry.

2. Repeat step 1 until pores are filled.

Wait 24 hours for TimberLuxe™ to dry.

This saturation is where the beautiful 3-D effect is achieved on figured wood. A finish saturated into the wood and built up on the surface is always more beautiful than one that just builds up on the surface.

In step 3, a transition is made to “rubbing onto” the wood. The goal is to evenly apply a thin coat of TimberLuxe™ to the surface. The objective is for the coat to stay on the surface.

3. Apply TimberLuxe™ with fingertips and rub evenly onto the surface of the wood -- rub with the grain or follow the lines of the stock on figured wood.

  • This coat will start to build up and a warm luster will begin appearing.

Wait 24 to 36 hours for TimberLuxe™ to dry.

TimberLuxe™ Walnut Stain can be used to adjust the color during any step of this process.

  • Apply the stain to the dried TimberLuxe™ finish.
  • If stain is applied to the TimberLuxe™, complete the process with a final coat to seal and add depth to the finish.

4. Repeat step 3 until desired results are achieved. Usually a total of 6 coats, including the sanded-in coats of TimberLuxe™, will give the desired results.

Replicate oil-type finish with TimberLuxe™

Follow steps 1 through 3. If the 3rd coat appears too bright, the luster can be reduced by rubbing TimberLuxe™ into wood.

Restore dull finish with TimberLuxe™

Usually 1-2 coats of TimberLuxe™ rubbed onto a dull oxidized finish has the original finish looking like new.

Repair worn or damaged finish with TimberLuxe™

1. Clean worn area with TimberLuxe™ on your fingertips and paper towel.

  • 3M Scotch Brite™ pad lubricated with TimberLuxe™ can be used if necessary to remove grime.

2. Apply TimberLuxe™ with fingertips by rubbing onto the wood with the direction of the grain.

Wait 24 hours for TimberLuxe™ to dry.

3. Repeat step 2 until the desired results are achieved. Usually 2-3 coats of TimberLuxe™ will repair the original finish by blending the old with the new.

Repair damaged wood (dings or scratches) with TimberLuxe™

1. Use the procedure for finishing new wood in the damaged area, blending TimberLuxe™ with the original finish.

Clean hands with naphtha or mineral spirits followed with soap and water.