Charles A. Herzog, Sr.

As a testimonial to your new stock finish product, I will go so far as to say this. The product, TimberLuxe, is surely the most accommodating finish that I have seen or used on any gun stock in the past. So very simple to apply, that you might have a tendency to give your gun stock another application before it has time to properly dry. I can see no reason not to use TimberLuxe on any wood restoration project. 

For whatever reason, the application and finished product, there seems to be a sense of professional finish when a project is complete.  I suppose you could very well consider your restoration project as being done professionally. It seems to me that the product makes the finish, not the applicator. Whatever the case, in the application processes that I have used TimberLuxe, I have a great degree of satisfaction with the outcome. 

Obviously it is the product and not the individual that gets credit in a restoration or a repair project. My sincere appreciation goes to Brian Board for introducing me to his finish, TimberLuxe.

Charles A. Herzog Sr.

Brian Board